At Crimson Peacock, we take sustainability and our environmental impact very seriously.  We are a startup brand, so this is still a ‘work in progress’.  If you have any ideas about how we might improve on what we are currently doing, we would love to hear from you!  Please do not hesitate to contact us at

Slow Fashion

The Crimson Peacock journey has been anything but fast!  Over many months, our designs have been developed from rough sketches to patterns to samples and alterations.  A long delay due to the Covid 19 lockdown was slowly followed by the final manufacture of the complete first collection.  Once you have bought one of our pieces, we don’t expect you to throw it away and replace it next year!  This collection of classic nightwear is timeless.  It has been created with love and commitment and is intended to become a treasured favourite to take to bed.  Enjoy it sustainably and keep it out of landfill!

No plastic

The nightwear collection is made from comfortable, breathable, natural fabrics, vegetable dyed using traditional, artisan methods. These soft, lightweight Indian cottons contain no synthetic fibres and no plastic micro fibres. We have avoided zips, plastic and elastic in the nightwear designs, to produce a back to basics range that is kind to the planet.  

In an effort to avoid waste, we have used our leftover fabric to make hair scrunchies that match the nightwear collection.  These do contain elastic and we’re not sure how to avoid this.  Any ideas for non-plastic alternatives to elastic would be very gratefully received as we are committed to minimising our environmental impact and will implement any viable suggestions to further this aim.

Unfortunately, it is still necessary to use some forms of plastic packaging in order to ensure that the items you purchase reach you in perfect condition.  However, we endeavour to use biodegradable and recyclable plastic packaging wherever possible and we would urge you to dispose of any waste that is generated in a responsible manner.